Archived Updates (July - November 2003)

8th November 2003
I'm almost positive the new type of tuner is the Microtune MT2050. I've requested a datasheet from the manufacturers.

6th November 2003
A new type of tuner has been discovered in the Pinnacle Rave cards, so I'm working on an updated tuner driver. Chris Terran has kindly produced some great fitting instructions - see the link above!

4th October 2003
One of my alpha testers has reported the TV tuner working on all five UK broadcast channels.

14th September 2003
I'm nearing a release of the software now. The driver is written in C and can cope with various world TV standards. Channel scanning is complete, with a complete scan taking ten seconds, rather than two minutes for the official Windows driver. And it gets it right.

11th August 2003
I'm continuing to work on the user interface for the TV card. Allowing the TV display to be overlaid by other windows is proving difficult but I think it is possible. Thanks for the continued work of my alpha testers.

29th July 2003
Sorry for the recent lack of updates. Development is going well, though I'm working on a tricky part of the code which will allow other windows to partially overlap the TV window. Some good news today - Castle released a sound mixer plugin for Configure so I can now enable the line input! This means I can watch TV and still hear system sounds!

15th July 2003
Horizontal and vertical scaling now works perfectly, so the video can be scaled to any size in a window using the TV card's hardware.

10th July 2003
Made a number of improvements to the user interface, but it still needs a lot of work. The image width is now fine and the software can also do a complete reset of the card if something bad happens (like messing up registers while I'm programming it). I'm trying to get the image to snap to the window when it is dragged around.