Remote v0.01g by Robin Hounsome (updated 7th July 2004)

Main features:
  • Station identification (user entered via the Choices file)
  • Select between broadcast, composite and Y/C inputs
  • Adjust volume, brightness, contrast, saturation (colour) and hue (NTSC only)
  • 4:3/16:9 (anamorphic) switching
  • Auto/manual switching between NTSC, PAL and SECAM
More info

Operation of most functions should be obvious but perhaps a little more explanation is required for some.

This version of Remote only provides support for the MT2050 tuner chip.

For a basic installation, the audio out from the TV card is input to the IYONIX line-in socket. A more comprehensive setup is to use the internal connectors (one on the TV card and one of the connectors (PL801) on the IYONIX motherboard) for broadcast audio, so leaving the line-in for another input, say, a DVD player. Once the Choices file is correctly set, then the volume control will switch to control the selected input. See the Choices file for more info.

The 4:3/16:9 switching is rather crude but is useful for viewing 16:9 anamophic sources such as from a DVD player or Sky/Freeview box.

For most users, auto standard selection is the best option. It selects PAL or NTSC based on the field frequency (50Hz or 60Hz) detected. Manually select SECAM if required.

The Colour Bars are generated internally by the BT878 and are fixed at 80%, hence the white looks a little dim.